Thoughts for Toronto – The power of your stand brief

January, 27 2017

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At this time of year thoughts turn to briefing agencies on stand requirements for Sibos. We previously shared some key points to consider about exhibiting in Toronto, but how about giving a bit of extra thought to your stand brief?

It is worth giving your requirements some consideration whilst also being mindful of the location for Sibos this year. As a starting point, it is sometimes worth asking yourself, ‘what is really important?’

Writing a brief can seem a daunting process, but by applying some simple logic and structure it can really help you to think clearly about what it is you need to achieve. This in turn can help you communicate clearly with others and ensure that requirements and expectations are clear to all, whether they be internal colleagues or external partners.

So… Where to start? Here are a few pointers from us to help you think about what is really important. You don’t need to have answers to everything. Just focus on what is applicable. An exhibition stand is a significant investment. Your brief is the first step in ensuring that you spend your budget wisely and have a chance to measure the success of your investment.


  • What are your overall objectives for your stand at Sibos?
Are you aiming to maintain client relationships, grow them or generate new business? Have a think of the differences in how you interact for each scenario. How do you want people to feel when they visit your stand? What is your ultimate goal for your presence and attendance at Sibos 2017?
  • Is there anything in particular to consider with your audience or target market?
Any particular age ranges, nationalities and genders? What matters to them and how do your own offerings and messages align with their needs?
  • What makes you unique?
    Who do you consider as your direct competition and why is this? What do you offer that your competitors don’t? What do your competitors offer that you don’t?


  • What tone or image do you wish to portray?
    Do you want to be bold and dominant, easily approachable or quietly confident? Would you like to be seen as helpful and friendly or perhaps you want to be seen as very techy?


  • Besides your website, what marketing materials are you currently using?
    What will you be using on your stand? Do you feel they are working well for you or is there room for improvement? Why is this?


  • What is the budget you need your partner to work within?
    What do you need to be included in this?


  • How would you like to work on the pitch process
    There are different ways which depend on how you like to be involved in concept development. For example:

1. The traditional method of issuing a brief, discussing any questions and receiving a full finished proposal for you to assess.
2. Or you can take a collaborative approach where your agency shares initial concepts for discussion. These will be rougher and involve the use of a bit more imagination, but it means that designs and experiences are developed in consultation with you. You get a chance to influence the outcome more than the first scenario. More and more people prefer to work this way as they feel the end results are often closer to their expectations.

This all looks like a lot to consider, but if you use it as a basis for discussion you can work through the relevant areas quickly. The only thing that will slow you down is if there is a lack of alignment within your team about the answers to these points. In that case, the time you spend discussing them will be very well spent.

The outcome will mean that amongst your team you are entering into Sibos 2017 with a clear agreement on what is important. You will be able to brief partners clearly and receive proposals that you can assess and judge easily. This will put you fully in control and give you something to measure the success of your attendance of Sibos 2017. This in turn will allow you to develop your strategies for attendance of Sibos in the future, or any show for that matter.

Alternatively, you are very welcome to talk to us. We are experts in this field. If you spend an hour on the phone discussing what is important with us, we will summarise our understanding into a simple report for you. Our clients often rely on us to help them with this and you can too. We are told that we are great listeners!

Rapiergroup are the experts in exhibition stand design and build at Sibos, find out more about our experience.

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