A message from our Creative Director, Chris Litchfield

March, 20 2020

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These are unprecedented times. Our industry has never faced a challenge like this before.

We are all about face-to-face, but it looks like that is the one thing that we can’t currently do.

So, what do we do?

Perhaps we need to start by asking ourselves why we bring people together face to face?

  • Why do we invest in this?
  • What makes it special, unique and valuable?

Marketing budgets are not spent blindly without reason. There is always a good reason.

By honestly answering the above questions, we can find solutions to the different challenges we currently face.

We can still continue to:

Connect people with people
Connect people with brands
Connect people with content


And we can find the most effective ways of doing this, because we understand why the human touch is needed – why it is important.

As I said at the start, the current situation is completely unprecedented. But let us not forget that everything we all do is about people. And despite this situation, people still need people. If anything, people need people, more now than ever before.

The most important thing is to keep talking. That way, we can clearly understand what our challenges are. We can apply creativity and discover ideas that lead us to the right solutions. We can still connect people with whatever it is they need to connect with. There is always a way, the trick is working out the right way. Anything is possible, if we start with an honest discussion and open minds.

At Rapiergroup, we want to carry on talking about this, so will be sharing ideas, insights and sources of inspiration over the coming weeks. We want people to join in.

Despite the ever-changing challenges, we are ready to work together with our clients, partners, and contacts. Let’s be creative, and keep people talking.

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